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The Blight (Gotham)

The following campaign is based around Richard Pett’s Crooked City Campaign/Adventure Path. I have also merged this with sections from WOTC Curse of Strahd Adventure. This is an Urban Fantasy Horror genre with a fixed city based theme.

The author has spoken of his influences…
“Clark Ashton Smith and China Miéville, Lovecraft and Dickens, Shelley and Carroll all in a festering brew of toil, tears, and injustice just screaming for heroes to clean up the streets (more likely to die—or worse—trying) or anti-heroes to clean up the streets (or at least a little corner in which to set up their own rackets). The Blight is a city that never sleeps but is never fully awake, living in the shadow of its own dark dream. An insane royalty, a corrupt judiciary, a decadent aristocracy, and a half-living proletariat all jumbled together amid a thousand thousand monsters…some of them not even of the human variety”

I will also add my own preferences to the campaign in the form of influence from ShowTime’s Penny Dreadful, DC’s Gotham, Chris Carter’s MillenniuM, and James Wan’s Insidious.

The setting will be placed in the Forgotten Realms, in the nation of Cormyr. The city which has been known as The Blight, aka The Styes, aka Castorhage, will be called Gotham and take the place of what is currently known as the port city Marsember.

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