Castorhage or Gotham

Size: Metropolis
Population: 3,285,000 (67% human, 5% mongrelfolk, 5% ratfolk, 4% gnomish, 4% dwarven, 3% half-elven, 2% goblinoid, 1.5% half-orc, 1.3% briny, 1.2% orcish, 1% el¬vish, 5% other, including halfling, swyne, tengu, inphidi¬ans, tabaxi, grippli, ghazaks, dhampir, an vishkanyas)

: Castorhage, for all appearances, is a hereditary mon¬archy supported by a very a powerful, yet insular, bu-reaucracy. Queen Alice is the ruler in name and title, but the Crown Justices, three powerful bureaucrats, control the vital areas of trade, defence, and colonisa¬tion. Behind the scenes, the puppet strings are pulled by a shadow syndicate, the Illuminati, who control the Crown Justices. But true supremacy rests with Demoriel, the Twice-Exiled Seductress, a manipulative arch-dev¬il who secretly rules from the shadows, plotting the course she wishes Castorhage to take.

Defense: Castorhage is protected by the City Watch and the Royal Armies under the command of Duke Malice, a cousin of Queen Alice. There is also a secret police force, the “Knockers,” that rounds up Anar-chists, dissidents, political enemies, and anyone seen as a threat to the status quo of the ruling elite.
Commerce: There is no limit to the goods and services – licit or illicit – available in Castorhage.
Qualities: academic, colonial power, holy site, magically attuned, notorious, prosperous, racially intolerant (lowest caste), strategic location

Between Tessellation: The area of the city of Castorhage has the unique property of being exceptionally “close” to a physical “other reality” called Between. This cre¬ates all manner of unpredictable and dangerous man¬ifestations within the city and its inhabitants.
Colonial Power: Castorhage possesses a vast network of global colonies from which it can draw economic and labour resources.
Overpopulation: Castorhage has a massive population for the area it encompasses unparalleled elsewhere in the world. Its massive economic, colonial, and magical resources are the only things that stave off massive starvation. However, it also creates an unprecedented diversity, innovation and labour base causing a contradictory dichotomy of prosperity and poverty.

Notable NPCs
Demoriel the Twice-Exiled Seductress, Hidden Despo¬trix of Castorhage Her Royal Highness Queen Alice, Monarch of Castor¬hage
Her Royal Highness Princess Alicia, Heir Apparent Clovis, Crown Prince of the Capitol Elaine of Aldwark, Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting His Resplendent Grand Justice Braken, Crown Justice, Master of Courts His Resplendent Grand Justice Korsk, Crown Justice, Master of Trade Her Resplendent Grand Justice Ashleia, Crown Justice, Mistress of Commons His Grace Duke Malice, Captain-General of the City Watch and the Royal Armies His Grace Duke Taim, Master of the Capitol Kevel Durmast, Watch Commander Prester Haft, General of the Royal Army His Holiness Umbertine IX, Father of the Church of Mother Grace

Castorhage or Gotham

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