Vampires were one of the most feared and powerful undead creatures in Toril.


A vampire is an undead creature. A humanoid or monstrous humanoid can become a vampire, and looks as it did in life, but with paler skin, haunting red eyes, and a feral cast to its features. A new vampire is created when another vampire drains the life out of a living creature, or when a living creature is killed by its Energy Drain. Vampires are drawn to feed on the blood of the living, and can only survive on blood (normal food and drink do nothing for it and cause it to forcefully vomit it up within moments), obtaining it in any way they possibly can. They do not cast shadows, nor do they possess a reflection.


There are many powerful Vampires in the Realms.
◾*Artor Morlin* – a Shoon outlaw mercenary captain who became baron of Steeping Falls before moving to Waterdeep where he remained unchallenged by any rival for over 400 years.
◾*Shyressa* – an archmage and a Runemaster of the Twisted Rune of Calimshan.
◾*Brimstone* – A vamperic smoke drake who resides near Daggerdale.
◾*Xanhast Beltane* – was the the servant of the vampire king, Mordoc SeLanmere. Through his vampiric powers, he commanded Mordoc’s Nightwalker army in the assault on Baldur’s Gate. He was killed in battle against the citizens of Baldur’s Gate. This was a ruse, as after his Master was slain in the Battle of Bones in the Westerheartlands, he faked his “death” and retreated to Cormyr.

Xanhast, now Xan Beltane, resides in Marsember and has created one of the three Covens left on Faerun. His name is revered amongst these particular undead and his coven is the largest East of Baulder’s Gate and West of Sembia. He has become an undisputed Vampire Lord. Following in the footsteps of his master, his may be the most powerful in all of Toril.

The Coven based in Marsember, is by far the largest coven in existence. The exact number of vampires and vampire spawns within are unknown, though rumors usually rest in the vicinity of 300. At any given time, many of these may be in travels around the globe. They reside under and within the royal palace amidst a large cavern system that they have slowly built. Many government and important businesses and homes are accessible from this cavern system.

Notable Coven Members
-Amarande: One of the Count’s three brides

-John Harkinger: Xan’s second in command and his Chosen, was a low-ranking member of a Cormyrian naval vessel that was way laid by low ranking members of Xan’s Coven. John showed no fear, and through both luck and skill managed to slay three of the four vampires and was the last survivor on the ship. When this sole survivor, returned to the Coven and spoke of a human who showed no fear, Xan took great interest in the man.

Xan, as a noble benefactor of the crown, called John to the royal palace to congratulate the military man on his victory and used his influence to have John presented with some service awards. At the meeting, Xan enjoyed John’s company and eventually secured his trust and informed him of the truth of his dual existence. He offered John immortality, and Harkinger refused. He stated that it sounded like more of a curse, and he was not interested. Never the lest, the two formed an odd friendship and Xan personally saw over Harkinger’s slow rise in the Purple Dragon military. Eventually, Harkinger became the Xan’s representative abroad, thus allowing Xan to have a representative outside the country without giving away his dual identity.

-Karayan: One of the Count’s three brides

-Nelo: One of the Count’s three brides

Xan, who has become a bit of a recluse among his followers has taken to the notion that his Coven can only survive with the help of the living. With the destruction of the North Western Covenant, and his former Masters demise who controlled the heartlands, sees a growing number of creatures devoting their time and effort into becoming Vampire Slayers. This is especially true in recent years in the city of Baulder’s Gate where many are publically training people for this profession.

Recently he has devoted his time into the art of planar travel, via gates spells, and seeks contact with powerful vampires of other realms… he recently has come across information on something referred to as, “the mist”…


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